Watch Description:
  • 1940s La Marne men’s watch.
  • Manual wind.
  • A. Schild 1002 movement.
  • Most likely radioactive dial.
Original Assessment:
  • The watch was wound tight but would not run.
  • The hand setting worked.
Parts replaced:
  • Setting lever spring
  • Ratchet wheel screw
  • Barrel arbor
  • Mainspring
  • Caseback gasket
  • Crystal
  • Spring bars to hold the watch band
  • Watch band
I did a full service on the La Marne watch. I completely disassembled the watch and put it through the ultrasonic cleaning machine. Then i reassembled the watch and lubricated it. I also polished the case. There were a couple of scratches on the back from someone using the wrong tool to remove the caseback.

The watch runs well now. When fully wound, it keeps time to within a few seconds a day.

The lume on the hands no longer work. Given the watch’s age, probably late 40s, the luminous material is almost surely radioactive, but still safe to wear as long as the crystal is intact.