I grew up in a tiny, idyllic town called Goldsboro, Maryland. I lived there until i was 14, when we moved to Woodbury, New Jersey.

Goldsboro has a few hundred people, is located on the eastern shore of Maryland, about 25 minutes east of Dover, Delaware. It has not changed much since we moved away in 1961 some 60 plus years ago. Nothing in that area has. There are other small towns nearby, such as Greensboro, Henderson, Ridgely and Denton. The landscape is very flat and it is mostly farmland.

Still, Goldboro had enough civic minded people to have its own volunteer Fire Company. It still does. No police force, although i think we had a constable but my memory is incomplete there. I think Greensboro may have had a police force.

We had a Methodist Church and another church of unknown (to me) denomination, perhaps pentecostal. No Catholic church.

We had a small convenience store called Bob’s Market. Sadly, it is closed now and boarded up. Bob’s Market was previously named something else, but i can’t remember what that name was.

Bob's Market, Goldsboro, Md
Bob’s Market, Goldsboro, Maryland

Bob's Market - Goldsboro, Md