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Casio G-Shock GMW-B5000

This is my brother Tim's watch. The crystal had a deep gouge in the center and it was difficult to read the time. This was a mineral crystal and the gouge was so deep that polishing it out was not an option, hence the watch required a new crystal. [...]

Casio G-Shock GMW-B50002024-05-12T13:48:24+00:00

Why Pop’s Incomplete Blog

I call this blog "Pop's Incomplete Blog". Many of the stories are incomplete, because there is so much from my past that i can only partially remember. I remember strongly how these events made me feel when they happened, but i don't remember all of the specifics. Still, i wanted [...]

Why Pop’s Incomplete Blog2022-05-18T13:53:09+00:00

The Lincoln Lawyer

We are watching "The Lincoln Lawyer" on Netflix. This is a 10 episode season, not the original movie by the same title starring Matthew McConaughey. Good courtroom drama. 7 out of 10 stars.

The Lincoln Lawyer2022-05-18T13:05:37+00:00

The Razor’s Edge

I wanted to read something "more literary" than my usual reads, so i decided to give The Razor's Edge by W. Somerset Maugham a try. It is slow paced and the language takes some getting used to. However, once i adapted to the writing style, i enjoyed it. Also, i [...]

The Razor’s Edge2022-05-18T13:13:57+00:00

Computers for Old People

I was fortunate enough to have a career in computer programming so technology has been a part of my life. Most of my friends did not. In the 1960's, we grew up playing outside instead of sitting at a computer or mobile device. As personal computers and mobile devices became [...]

Computers for Old People2022-05-18T13:34:22+00:00

Goldsboro School

Our little Goldsboro school had two classrooms. When i started school, those two classrooms contained 6 grades. Yep, 3 grades and 1 teacher in each classroom. We did not have kindergarten. Sometime before i attended the school, it contained all 12 grades. Yet from this humble little school came some [...]

Goldsboro School2022-05-18T11:23:02+00:00

Goldsboro Maryland

I grew up in a tiny, idyllic town called Goldsboro, Maryland. I lived there until i was 14, when we moved to Woodbury, New Jersey. Goldsboro has a few hundred people, is located on the eastern shore of Maryland, about 25 minutes east of Dover, Delaware. It has not [...]

Goldsboro Maryland2024-02-20T15:00:58+00:00
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