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Why Pop’s Incomplete Blog

I call this blog "Pop's Incomplete Blog". Many of the stories are incomplete, because there is so much from my past that i can only partially remember. I remember strongly how these events made me feel when they happened, but i don't remember all of the specifics. Still, i wanted [...]

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Goldsboro School

Our little Goldsboro school had two classrooms. When i started school, those two classrooms contained 6 grades. Yep, 3 grades and 1 teacher in each classroom. We did not have kindergarten. Sometime before i attended the school, it contained all 12 grades. Yet from this humble little school came some [...]

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Goldsboro Maryland

I grew up in a tiny, idyllic town called Goldsboro, Maryland. I lived there until i was 14, when we moved to Woodbury, New Jersey. Goldsboro has a few hundred people, is located on the eastern shore of Maryland, about 25 minutes east of Dover, Delaware. It has not [...]

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